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Climate change in cynon valley

What is climate change?

Climate change refers to the long term temperature and weather shifts on the planet that are caused by greenhouse gases destroying the ozone layer that protects us from radiation. Although this is a natural process human actions can accelerate the process.

How will it affect our community?

As the temperature rises the air will hold more moisture providing the conditions for more severe and erratic weather such as heavy rainfall. This will cause more frequent flooding and landslides will be likely due to the instability of old coal mining land.

 What about the wildlife?

More than 30% of species in Wales are at risk of disappearing. Red squirrels, Water Voles, Lizards, Rooks, Otters and many more species have seen numbers decrease at an astounding rate. A third of bees and hoverflies have disappeared and butterfly numbers have fallen by 52% since the 70’s.

Why? Pesticides, herbicides, agriculture and other human actions. The increase in roads and traffic is thought to be responsible for many hedgehog deaths.

What can we do?

•Make your garden wildlife friendly,stop using chemicals

•Look after your environment

•Plant native species

•Compost food waste for growing vegetables

•Don’t cut trees or hedges between March and October

•Put up bird feeders, bat boxes and hedgehog houses

•Take responsibility for our environment and hold government to account 

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