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Who are we?

Cynon Valley Organic Adventures is a social enterprise based in Cynon Valley, RCT. We own a beautiful 5 acre piece of land that includes river, wet woodlands, orchards, pond, polytunnels and have a wide range of wildlife visitors!  We offer accredited learning to suit all needs, volunteer placements, social prescription activities, corporate volunteer days and regular community activities and events.  We are also able to offer consultancy services to other organisations wishing to create similar initiatives.

About Us

Run by volunteers Cynon Valley Organic Adventures began their journey in 2018 when Janis rented the derelict land with a view to helping people improve wellbeing through education and engagement in nature.  Three years on we own the land and have some amazing partners that support our work and help us to thrive.

What our customers are saying

We have developed an excellent partnership with Green Valley Wellbeing and Cynon Valley Organic Adventures (CVOA) and in doing so have created such amazing opportunities for our young people. They have thrived under such care, support and guidance. They have created bespoke programmes for each of our young people dependent on their personal interests, skill sets and desires. In addition they have focused on developing their resilience as well as a range of softer skills.

Helen Higgs, Assistant Head Teacher, Ysgol Nantgwyn

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